Thursday, January 23, 2020

Copy My Data Apk

Copy My Data Apk

Copy My Data Apk

Copy My Data Apk app helps you to transfer your mobile data from mobile to mobile or mobile to pc using the wifi network. Send videos, share photos, transfer files, copy contacts in a few clicks use the same network for the fastest transferred data.


You can transfer data without computer only you can use your mobiles for sending and transfer data one mobile to another mobile but in one condition use the same wifi connection then this app work on both devices. This app is super and perfect to easily copy data from old mobile to new mobile without any computer or another tool.

The super app easily copies data from your old phone to the new one and switches the phone without the need for any computer or other tools. Copy My Data app is a very simple way to copying contacts, messages, galleries, etc from one mobile to another mobile. It is very easy and understandable for users to transfer you all data between android and iOS system. This app is not manually this contains step by step help on how to move or transfer date.

Free exchange application giving speedy and simple approach to move content and send documents including contacts move, music move, photograph move, schedule, records move, instant messages SMS move, WhatsApp move, recordings move and other huge records move into your new mobile.

This versatile exchange content secure sharing application allows you disregard utilizing inconvenient applications and old techniques to move content in light of the fact that their mobile information move was constantly a migraine, however, this mobile clone application migrates information rapidly and quickly.

This app sets and good standard for android and operating systems. If you are not a specialist or don’t know how to send or move data to the iPhone this app provides you a PIN code from iPhone and selects the data you should copy or transfer.

Features of Copy My Data Apk:

  • Move/transfer data
  • Contacts Transfer
  • Pictures Transfer
  • Videos Transfer
  • Calendars Transfer
  • Reminders Transfer
  • Apps Transfer

Work fast
In the event that your mobile is old, and you need to switch mobile and reinforcement your contacts, photographs and video to the new mobile phone, simply use Copy My Data Apk app information to effectively duplicate information in a couple of simple advances.

Secure Privacy

During move/transferred data you don’t worry about privacy. This is very secure and protected way to transfer date.

Data Sharing App is an amazing share content exchange for android move to iPhone and iOS move to android supporting all the major cell phones and tablets. File Sharing App is an expansion to google play application, that gives secure sharing of portable substance or information move from mobile to mobile or from at least one of your old mobile into a new mobile.

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