Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Directv Apk

Directv Apk Mobile App Free Download

Directv Apk

Directv Apk is an entertainment app that builds for you to watch and live stream your favorite content like movies and TV shows from anywhere in the world. Download the app from your mobile play store and watch your favorite movies and shows.

This App helps to record shows and movies for later watch. It’s provided thousands of shows and movies on your demand. You can watch your favorite movies and shows on demand. Simply record on your DVR no need for extra equipment and no hidden cost to charge. Connect your DVR with internet WiFi connect and record your favorite shows without missing a second. Internet connection or highly mobile device internet connection is must be important for recording your favorite shows and movies. This app is data free you can watch the live stream on your device with free data. You can switch your small screen with the help of a send button to the big screen.

Directv Apk has been providing the latest update premium channel you can subscribe like HBO, Cinemax, Star Z, and Showtime. Mobile phone use for play, stop & rewind show that is playing on the TV. This app has an amazing feature of voice search. You can search for your favorite show or movie with just speak up.

That app has parental control to block the unnecessary channel and shows that is not good for your kids. Simply you set a pin lock on the channel or show that will be a lock or hide from kids. 

List of Best TV Apps

Directv Apk App
Directv App one of the best app in the world that provides live streaming and thousands of movies and shows anywhere in the world. This app is like a small pocket TV on your mobile.

Hulu (Live TV)
The Hulu app is the best to live streaming app in the world. This app has bundles of old shows, current shows seasons and more. This app provides paid packages like monthly and yearly you can purchase and add your favorite channels.

Netflix TV growing day by day in the world and everyone knows about Netflix. Netflix has the latest TV shows and movies. You can watch your favorite movies and shows on the subscription package.

Pluto TV (live TV)
Pluto TV is an app that provides live TV. It has hundreds live TV channels and thousands of movies. This is as well as Android TV.

Sling TV
Sling TV is best for a live TV app. This app is very friendly because you customize this app that you want. Sling TV app provides paid monthly packages for live streaming. You can purchase the package and add your favorite channel.

 Features of Directv Apk:

  • Live Stream anywhere.
  • Convert small screen into a big screen.
  • Record show and movies for later watch.
  • Set the time for recording.
  • Watch Movies, TV Shows, Sports, For Kids.
  • Watch thousand of demand library.
  • Control TV with your mobile for pause, play, and rewind.
  • HD quality Result.
  • Parent control for lock unnecessary channels.
  • Use both mobile or TV.

Requirements For App:

  • Android phone OS 5.0 or later.
  • Directv Apk users have a Home account registered on Directv website to access the Directv app.
  • Watching favorite Live TV Streaming channels anywhere requires an active WiFi or 3G/4G Internet  connection. 
  • For best performance, connect to a strong WiFi signal.
  • Channel or shows is base on premium package.

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