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Spectrum TV Apk

Spectrum TV Apk

Spectrum TV Apk

Spectrum TV Apk is the best for online TV experience that offers a wide variety of premium content. It provides you full TV channel access in home. This app provides thousands of TV channels online anytime anywhere. You can watch your favorite TV channel on this app. You can also watch Movies and different shows on this app. Spectrum TV Apk really great for live streaming anywhere but you have a must internet connection. That app provides all TV channels on your demand program but it will require a subscription. If you are at home Spectrum TV Apk provides you access to use your device and watch our latest shows and movies.


Subscription of this app turns your 
TV screen to another TV screen and lets you’re watching live favorite program anywhere at your home when you are Spectrum app connect with internet or wifi network. Watch movies and different shows you with the kitchen or give news on your breakfast table.

Find Option:

Built a feature in it you’re sort & filter your favorite channel by number & category. As well as sort with network name & program name and rapidly search currently watched channels.
  • Make user guide
  • Set personal/favorite channel
  • Use search option anywhere

Control Your TV and DVR:

The app has a feature to control TV and DVR.  DVR helps to record your favorite movies and show and save for later watch. It depends on your network and accessories you will use. You can use a phone or Tablet to:
  • Change channels by spectrum receiver.
  • Record favorite shows and movies.
  • Remove and change DVR recording individually or by series.
  • Watch a DVR recording on your TV (compatible DVRs only).
  • Change spectrum receiver name help to find which one you are set the recording on (in settings) 

Parental Control:

In Spectrum TV on parental control and set a PIN, you can block the unnecessary channel. You will need to turn on Parental Controls for each device at your home uses, but the channel blocks you set up apply across all devices.
What You Need To Use This?
Spectrum TV programming is based on subscription package and not you are connected to your Spectrum Internet WiFi network at home. 
User names and passwords are required to open apk.
A WiFi or cellular network connection (data charges from your carrier may apply).
Device requirements: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.

System RequirEments:

APPLE device requirements:
iPad®, iPad® mini, iPhone®, and iPod Touch®, running iOS 11 or higher. 

Kindle Fire Tablet Requirements:
All Kindle Fire models, including Kindle Fire HDX, are supported, except first-generation Kindle Fire. 

Android Device Requirements: All tablets and phones running Android 5.0 or higher.  Roku device requirements: All Roku players and TVs (excluding first-generation). 

Xbox One Requirements: All Xbox One models are supported. 

Samsung Smart TV Requirements:
TV model years 2012 and newer are supported.  Charter-authorized modem is required to stream on Roku, Xbox One and Samsung Smart TV.

If you want this fabulous app then you should download from our website because the complete setup is here. Easy to download and install it.

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