Friday, March 6, 2020

OpenVPN Apk

OpenVPN Apk

OpenVPN Apk

OpenVPN Apk is an official VPN app for Android mobiles. If you want to use VPN for private use then you should this wonderful invention by OpenVPN. It has a use for individual and multiple users as well.


Key Features of OpenVPN Apk

  • Most used VPN apps on the market.
  • Free VPN, NO Ads.
  • Fast & Secure Connection.
  • Easy Remote Network Access.
  • Creates VPN tunnels.
  • Connect to your home or office network resources from anywhere.

Connect to a virtual private network (VPN) wonderful skill if you use a computer or laptop. There are many companies around the world and they give us paid service for us.

Are you worried that you can't open your website and want an app that helps you do not have to worry about playing the site or videos because OpenVPN is such an app? Which is exactly what it was designed to do. Which will help you open sites and videos that are blocked and are not allowed to open? OpenVPN is a great and very good app that connects you to a server that works fast and helps you to open your favorite site.

Open VPN is very popular all over the world due to its good features and people all over the world use this app and their favorite site which is blocked and not open can be used to open this site on their mobile using this app. Let's do it. This app is very easy to use. With just one click you connect to a server that opens these block sites and makes things faster and better.

This app stores all of your browser history and provides full security and does not allow your data to be leaked. All your data is perfectly secure.

How to connect the OpenVPN?

Your administrator gave you a hostname & username/password "Click on Access Server”. Enter your hostname as well as username and password and enjoy full connection security!
Your administrator gave you an ovpn profile "Click on OVPN Profile”. Import the VPN file and enjoy full connection security!

Additional Information about OpenVPN Apk

  • Latest Version: 3.1.0
  • Requirements: Android 4.1+

OpenVPN Update

Date of Update: 2020-01-03
Changes from 3.0.7 to 3.1.0

  • New profile import flow with WebAuth support and "Connect after import" ability
  • Improved VPN connection stability when the application is in background
  • Added app notification in the case when the VPN connection was interrupted

If you want to download OpenVPN Apk then should download from our website because it's free of cost easily to download and install it.

File Size: 10.78 MB
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